Butterfly Valve

Low Pressure Drop Valve

The Midco Butterfly Valve is a low pressure drop valve suitable for control of either air or gas flow up to 5 PSI pressure.

Features & Benefits

1″ to 4″ Pipe Size
Capacities to 20,000 C.F.H. Natural Gas
All Sizes Component Recognized By Underwriters Laboratory
Streamlined But Restricted Throat-to allow sensitive control of capacities normally used for given pipe size
90° Closing Valve To Allow Ease of Synchronization With Shutters Using Suitable Linkage
Handles Air, Natural Gas or Propane Up To 5 PSI
Not Affected By Sulfur
Designed For Use With Honeywell or Penn-Johnson Modulating Motors
Ease of Adjustment Permitted By Spring Over-run Feature. Upper and lower limits set by stop screws regardless of motor stroke-no involved linkage adjustments necessary
Easy to Read Valve Position Indicator
Low Pressure Drop Valve
Temperature Rated -40°F to 250°F

Economite Series

Economite EC200 & EC300

The standard Economite EC Series Power Gas Burners are engineered to match a wide variety of applications or customized to meet OEM applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Interchangeable Stainless Steel Burner Retention Heads
  • Integrated Direct Spark Ignition System with Pre-Purge
  • Light and Compact Removable Burner Assembly from the Burner Tube and Flange
  • Pre-Piped, Pre-Wired, Factory Fired Tested
  • Compact Design and Small Footprint Universal Mounting Flange
  • Air Shutter Positive Lock Fitting
  • Adjustable External Air Shutter with Indication
  • Field Convertible Triple Function Redundant Gas Valve