Economite Legacy Models


Adjustable telescoping nozzle allows burner to be installed in compact vestibule applications. Features intermittent spark ignited pilot with electronic safety.


Intermittent pilot with automatic spark ignition, electronic safety with pre-purge.


Features pre-purge and automatic spark ignited intermittent pilot with electronic flame safeguard. Its motor is ideal for an updraft or downdraft boiler or furnace application.


Midco’s exclusive 3-stage air silencer and thermo 100% shut-off safety pilot provide dependable and quiet operation. Ideal for a boiler or furnace of the updraft type.


Direct spark ignition models with electronic flame safeguard. No pilot outage problems, no pilot costs. High input capacity provides lots of power in very little space any space.

Incinomite Series

Spark Ignited Gas Burners
To design a package power gas burner for industrial and commercial incineration requires knowledge-knowledge gained by experience, for over 40 years worth.

Features & Benefits

  • Permanently Lubricated Motors
  • Automatic Self Cooling System
  • Reversible Mounting Flange
  • Corrosion Resistant Housing