Economite RE4850BA

Power Gas Burners
The RE4850BA technology features a patent-pending retention head design which shapes the flame into an efficient and compact flame pattern. This design concentrates heat for more efficiency heat exchange surfaces.

Features Benefits

  • The RE4850BA Technology Provides:
  • A more uniform consistent heat distribution throughout the applications combustion chamber.
  • A Universal Mounting Flange making installation fast and easy. Welded flange assemblies are also available to accommodate OEM specifications.
  • A compact design for reduced applications over-all dimensions.
  • Simple burner cartridge removal for easy serviceability.
  • Reliable firing with 1/2″ W.C. back pressure
  • A new burner head and retention plate design affording efficient and stable combustion.
  • Our Patent Pending Burner Design that increases efficiency by reducing the volume of oxygen used for combustion.
  • Bi-directional manifold allowing OEMs to reduce their burner inventory.