Gas fired enameling rolls oven

The rolls enameling oven are designed especially for our Customers who need to enamel special little parts (like cup burners). The materials are put in the oven after being placed on a special firing tools; then the tools are placed on the conveyor rolls. The rolls that bring the parts inside the oven are build in a special refractory stainless steel for the best performance and duration.

Enameling furnace with power & free conveyor system

The power & free conveyor in the enamel shop is the last innovation in the automation of the enameling process. In the past it was difficult adopt this kind of solution since it was difficult install the power & free conveyor on the furnace. We have solve this and we have study a line of furnace that are available for receive the power & free conveyor. The big advantage of this technology depend to the fact that no one have to handle the materials once its are loaded on the line. For example: in one water heaters powder enameling shop we have mainly 3 type of machine: Shot blasting Powder application Furnace All these machines can be connected with only one conveyor power & free; this kind of conveyor will bring the pieces through every machine with the requested different speed. Also this conveyor will not be affected from the thermal dilatation of the chains.