Pre-treatment Plants

We consider ‘Product Treatment’ as one of the most important requirements before considering any form of finishing, be it Plating, Powder Coating, Zinc rich primers, Electrocoating, Solvent or Waterbased top coats.

All pre-treatment plants are purpose built and are designed to comply with the client’s process requirements. The Process is specified by the Chemical Suppliers and structured to meet the Salt Spray requirements of the end user.
Design requirements therefore include specific process requirements such as:

  • Plant capacity and product size
  • Number of process stages
  • Tank temperatures
  • Circulating volumes/pressures
  • Ventilation
  • Demineralized Plant and storage/circulation
  • Chemical dosing
  • Effluent treatment to meet the latest environmental
  • Requirements
  • Related controls including SCADA

There are various possible configurations to meet the production requirements, and often the space limitations that may exist. A further important factor include the variety/mix of material that require to be processed. This is exciting since many ‘jobbing facilities’ would typically require to process Mild Steel/Galv. Steel/ Stainless Steel/and Aluminium through their facility. Bendet Engineering Services, in collaboration with associate companies have designed pre-treatment plants that can accommodate the vast metal treatment requirements.

Types of configurations include:

  • Continuous spray tunnels
  • Indexing dip systems
  • Combination of Spray/Dip Systems
  • Batch type process with overhead gantry
  • Bendet offers State-of-the-art type construction in polypropylene material, but we are also able to provide cost effective construction in alternate materials when necessary.

Dipping Plants

Dipping Pre-treatment plants utilize an overhead crane or hoist gantry to transport parts through different stages of the process by dipping the parts into the process tanks.

Continuous Plants

Continuous Pre-treatment plants utilize an overhead conveyor system to transport the parts through the different stages of the process through spay tunnels or a combination of dip tanks and spray tunnels as per the prescribed process.

Shot Blasting

Bendet’s shot blasting plants have several advantages from environmental advantages to bonding advantages. Bendet’s shot blasting plants are either automated inline, automated batch shot blast booths or manned shot blast booths.

Bendet’s shotblast booths can accommodate the following types of shot:

  • Silica Sand
  • Silicone Dioxide
  • Soda
  • Steel Grit
  • Glass Bead

Bendet’s shot blasting booth advantages:

  • Surface preparation – improved bond between blasted part and coating application while also revealing any surface defects.
  • Corrosion removal – corrosion is removed during shot blasting of metals.
  • Impurities removal – mill scale and oil is removed by shot blasting.
  • Eco friendly – Shot blasting requires no chemical or acids.
  • Economic – Shot is reusable and delivers high production turnover