RE 4000 Series

Linkageless Technology

The burner fires at 20,000 BTU’s low fire and 400,000 BTU’s high fire. The burner is ETL listed and comes complete with ignition system and gas train.

Economite RE4700BA, RE4400B & RE4400BA

Power Gas Burners
The RE4700BA, RE4400B & RE4400BA technology features a patent-pending retention head design which shapes the flame into an efficient and compact flame pattern.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides more uniform heat throughout the length of the heat exchanger creating more consistent heat distribution characteristics.
  • Universal Mounting Flange makes installation fast and easy. Welded flange assemblies are also available to accommodate OEM specifications.
  • Patent pending burner design increases efficiency by reducing the volume of oxygen used for combustion.
  • Bi-directional manifold and Compact Design allows OEMs to reduce their burner inventory.
  • Sheet Metal Construction allows Midco high volume production resulting in most competitive pricing and shorter lead-time.