About us

Bendet Engineering Services (PTY) LTD was established in 1987. Our team of engineers and draughtsman are ready to deliver a complete turnkey solution, from the design phase to commissioning. A dedicated team that consists of electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers, we are able to offer a comprehensive service to our clients.

Our core business today, revolves around turnkey solutions, consultation, 3D design and analysis with enhanced automated possibilities.
We also offer refurbishing of equipment, relocating of plants and equipment. We have several joint venture agreements and offer the full spectrum of refinishing equipment that includes feasibility studies, design, manufacturing, re-location of plants/equipment, engineering support, technical support, maintenance and after sales service.

We concentrate on design and project management and we make use of professional partners to deliver a state of the art solution.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to establish a close working relationship with all our clients through transparent and effective communication. Our open book philosophy guarantees our clients the quality and technology specified in our service and product offering. We strive to provide trendsetting technologies of superior quality to our clients while maintaining stringent safety and environmental prescribed standards, regulations and laws. We have an outstanding reputation of service to our clients that we continue to build on from the initiation phase of a project to post project service.

Our Technology Culture

Our technology culture is not rooted within “what we do” or “how we do” but rather by why we do what we do. Our passion for projects, industrial solutions and over 30 years of experience we continuously exceed the boundaries of technological innovation and that enables us to continue thriving, thus in-turn empowering employees, customers and communities. It is our accountability as engineers to improve current technologies to fur fill the desired outcomes of the 4th industrial revolution.

We continually instil a culture of advanced innovation in design, integration, infrastructure support and management consulting. We strive to tailor every component of our service and product offering to meet the unique technological requirements of the client and to maximize their return on investment.

Our Quality Assurance policy

Our quality promise is assured through our documented quality management system, which is based on the ISO-9001:2008 quality management system and adheres to the following key principles:


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100 %




Associates and Partners

We are constantly evolving and taking on new partnerships and agencies to make products and services readily available and cost effective while maximizing industrial production efficiency
through utilizing and supporting the most state of the art products. The organizations we are in partnership with share our values and in-essence we are able to broaden our knowledge and expertise. We utilize all our resources towards ensuring the customer goals are met with the latest technological solution that considers safety, environment, efficiency and energy saving.

Global footprint

Since 1987 we have been conducting business nationally and internationally, thus expanding our footprint and capabilities globally. Our aim is to achieve cost benefits for you as customer and in to increase our competitiveness, thus ensuring you getting the best design and engineering technology that globally exists at a competitive price.