Electric Enameling Furnace

We build electric enameling furnace’s for markets that require the ovens to be fed with electricity.

Our electric oven are designed for the best possible performance and we install also the electric elements on the furnace’s floor in order to optimize the uniformity of the temperature inside the hot zone.

The floor heating elements are protected with special steel in order to protect its from any accidental falling down of material from the conveyor.

Gas Fired Enameling Furnace

We build enameling furnace with radiant tubes and metal flue for the best possible energy saving. Our burners can modulating the flames in continuos from the minimum to 100% for reduce the thermal stress on the radiant tubes.

In this way the duration of the radiant tubes are more long than the traditional system with recu-burners.

The combined actions of our thermal modulation control and the metal flue smoke recovery system provide a better energy efficient and the best duration of the parts in terms of maintenance.

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