Air Handling Units (AHU)

Bendet Engineering Services offers a variety of key services for manufacturing facilities and plants of all types. One such service includes our focus on air handling units that ensure precision control over indoor air quality.

Air Handling Units

We offer air handling units that range from basic fan supply units with filtration to more sophisticated units with humidification, heating, and motorised volume control. 

Our experienced team can help you design an air handling unit that meets your specific needs.

More about Air Handling Units from Bendet

We provide air handling units for spray booths, clean rooms, and general shop ventilation.

Our units are designed to control air quality and can include in-line gas burners, hot water or steam coils for heating, and evaporative water cooling or chiller units with in-line coils for cooling. 

Our experienced team can help you find the best air handling unit for your needs.

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