Floor Conveyor Systems

Bendet Engineering Services provides a host of floor conveyor solutions for material handling in your facility. Our solutions are designed to be safe, durable, and dependable, all while enhancing the efficiency of your facility.

Industries in which floor conveyors are used:

  • Agricultural
  • All surface coating industries
  • Assembly lines
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Manufacturing lines
  • Material handling
  • Warehousing

Types of Floor Conveyors Available

We offer a broad range of solutions that meet the needs and specialised applications of different types of facilities. Here are some of the floor conveyors types we have on offer:

  • Inverted JK Range
  • Inverted P&F Range (Power and Free)
  • Custom Solution

The type of floor conveyor is determined once the application is understood. With our experience Bendet will recommend the best suited conveyor for your needs. Normal considerations include:

  • Function and application
  • Ambient and environmental conditions
  • Weight to be conveyed
  • Hanging pitch on conveyor
  • Part dimensions and centre of gravity
  • Conveying path

Floor Conveyor Systems

Looking at the considerations for floor conveyors, our range of products cover your needs. Floor conveyors are the inverse of overhead conveyors. These conveyors are implemented in various cases where overhead conveyors will not satisfy the needs of the client. These conveyors are normally implemented where greater stability is required for processing parts being conveyed by the conveyor. For a floor conveyor the parts are normally loaded into a trolley which is then conveyed from point A to point B.

Inverted JK Range

In this application we invert the JK conveyor and use the conveyor in conjunction with a trolley being conveyed in a separate track above the power rail.

This type of conveyor is normally implemented in light to medium weight applications. If a part needs to be conveyed from point A to point B with some processes and interactions along the way, this is our answer. Our JK conveyor options is part of monorail conveyor systems which can be a continuous, index or manual conveyor system.

Our standard hook pitch is 150mm or 300mm. As the weight is being carried by the trolley and separate track, the load capacity is greatly increased and the JK conveyor is only used to carry out a drag/pull function.

P&F Range – Power and Free

If space restrictions and multi functionality of a conveyor line is required, a power and free conveyor is the one stop shop. Power and free conveyors can significantly reduce the footprint of your plant, while giving much more functionality. In traditional monorail systems the conveyor systems are usually limited to continuous or index capability with single pathing. With power and free conveyors, flexibility in control is virtually endless, while giving the capability of multi pathing.

Our range of power and free conveyors include P&F100, P&F120 and P&F160.
P&F100 power and free conveyor has a load capacity of up to 400kg per wagon.
P&F120 power and free conveyor has a load capacity of up to 400kg per wagon.
P&F160 power and free conveyor has a load capacity of up to 500kg per wagon.

Custom Solution

We understand that a stock standard solution is not always feasible in certain applications. As part of our Turnkey solution to our clients, we also design and manufacture custom solutions for our clients. The custom solutions make use of standardized and readily available components to make maintenance and replacement of parts easy.

Our custom solutions are used in every industry. From food to material handling in a warehouse to solutions implemented in the mining industry and OEM manufacturers.

Floor conveyor accessories and critical spares

We also supply accessories and critical spares for our product range that include:

  1. Drive units
  2. Automatic Lubricators
  3. Chain oil
    • High performance oil
    • High temperature oil
  4. Hooking brackets (various types dependant on the application)
  5. Track sections
    • Straight
    • Vertical bends
      – 45 deg bends
    • Horizontal bends
      – 45 deg bends
      – 90 deg bends
      – 180 deg bends
  6. Various types of tensioning units
  7. Chain sections
  8. Slip joints
  9. Access hatch
  10. Switch gates
  11. Trolleys

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If you would like to know more about our offers on floor conveyors, be sure to get in touch with a representative from Bendet Engineering Services for details.

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