Bendet engineering consulting offers many years of experience and expertise in metal finishing design. Through a proven refined consultancy process customers bespoke requirement can be met in a timely, economical, ecological and technological solution.

Step 1


First consultation to obtain a problem statement and supporting information:

  • Understanding of the problem
  • Understanding of the deliverables
  • Health and safety
  • Technical Specifications declaration
  • Compliance declaration
  • Energy and environmental considerations
  • Project execution criterion
  • Budget
  • Legislation

Step 2


A proposal will be presented to the customer in a comprehensive quotation with all the considerations documented in the initiation phase that stipulates following:

  • Solution proposal
  • Solution options
  • Project schedule
  • Costing

Step 3

Design Solution

The solution selected by the customer will be designed, Bendet engineering services design process is an interactive process between the Bendet engineering team and the client. The design Solution consists of the following:

  • Scope of Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Environmental Design Consideration
  • Performance
  • Considerations
  • Customer reviews
  • Detailed Design
  • Stakeholder approval

Step 4


Bendet Engineering strives to offer superior efficiency across all aspect of there service and product offering. Through Bendet Engineering services continuous improvement philosophy we can offer unsurpassable efficiency in the following areas:

  • Project management efficiency
  • Energy efficiency (Electrical
  • & Gas)
  • Production efficiency
  • Eco-efficiency

Step 5


Superior service during the project and after aftersales service is backed by a 12 month guarantee issued on all products and services which covers repair or replacement of defected parts (T&C’s apply).

The Benefits To You

We listen to your requirements and get a full understanding of what you need before advising you of all your options.

We will involve you in all stages of the contract, making amendments where necessary to suit your needs.

Options will be offered where possible, we are environmentally conscious and aim to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our consultancy process is a two-way method to ensure we achieve the required results, within your budget and to your time scales.

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