Bendet Engineering makes use of the highest quality manufacturing profiles when fabricating any plant, product or during any maintenance and service. After more than 30 years in the engineering industry, both national and international, our team has gained irreplaceable knowledge when it comes to fabrication of plants and products.

Before fabrication, all components follow our strict quality process to ensure optimal fabricated results. During fabrication raw material may involve large-scale production using labour, machines, tools and chemical processing.

Our design team works relentlessly to ensure an economical, eco-friendly, efficient design with ease of maintenance in mind. When choosing plant or product material a variety of functions are researched to ensure we choose the best material to ensure optimal results.

Some applications we take in mind when choosing fabrication materials:

  1. Weather conditions (outside plant)
  2. Application with daily wear-and-tear
  3. Chemical conditions (used within or close to the plant)
  4. Structural weight, strength and integrity

Our customers at Bendet Engineering can expect optimal mechanical and electrical fabrications. For more information be sure to contact us!

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