Conveyor Systems

Overhead conveyor systems and floor conveyor systems are two types of material handling equipment used in manufacturing, distribution, and logistics industries.

  1. Overhead Conveyor Systems
    An overhead conveyor system is a suspended system that uses a series of chains, trolleys, and rollers to move materials from one location to another. It is often used in applications where floor space is limited or where there is a need to transport materials above ground level. Overhead conveyors are commonly found in automotive assembly plants, paint shops, and warehouses.

  2. Floor Conveyor Systems
    Floor conveyor systems are a ground-based system that uses belts, rollers, or wheels to move materials horizontally or vertically. They are often used in manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and airports for moving products from one point to another. Floor conveyors are ideal for moving heavy loads or for transporting goods over long distances.

In summary, the choice of conveyor system depends on the specific needs of the application. Overhead conveyors are suitable for high-capacity and high-speed applications where space is limited, while floor conveyors are ideal for transporting goods over long distances and handling large or heavy materials.

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