Make-Up Series

HMA-1 Series

Midco Make-Up Air Burners are well suited to temper incoming air into buildings subject to excessive ventilation.

Features & Benefits

  • Gas Burners Up to 550,000 BTU/HR/FT For Industrial Heating, Grain and Process Drying and Air Curtains.
  • High Temperature, Stainless Steel Baffles Make it Possible to Operate In Outlet Air Streams up to 1000°F.
  • Precision Built, Sturdy, Compact, Virtually Maintenance-Free.
  • Backed by Midco’s Reputation For Excellence.
  • For Certain Applications, Capacities Exceeding 550,000 BTU/HR Ft. Can Be Achieved. (Contact Midco for details and conditions.)
  • Modular Valve Trains and Control Systems Offering Ease Of Servicing And Replacement Are Available.

HMA-3 & HMA-2a Series

Technology in Direct-Fired Gas Burners
Our innovative two stage combustion burner is not just a modification or improvement to our HMA product line, but a completely new approach to direct-fired combustion. The two-stage combustion improves control of the flame process, meets and exceeds the new ANSI Standards and outperforms the competition.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced NO2 and CO Emissions
  • Higher Temperature Rise
  • Increased Capacity
  • Increased Differential
  • Pressure Drop and Higher VelocitiesFlame Stability
    Reduced Inventory Costs
  • Educed Shipping Costs
  • Turndown
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